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Convert FLV to MP4 Mac

How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Mac/Windows OS?

FLV videos are widely used in many websites on line such as youtube, myspece, metacafe and so on, so we can meet many interesting or significative flv videos very day. However, we may come up with some problems when we try to share these flv videos with our friends or families, because flv can't be play on our digital devices such as ipod, ipod touch, iphone or ipad and many other Portable Tools directly which mostly support mp4 video format. The best solusion is to convert flv to mp4 videos.

Video Converter for Mac is versatile third party software that can convert FLV to MP4 on Mac without any quanlity loss efficiently. It will help us achieve this without any difficulty. Free download FLV to MP4 Converter for Mac (Lion and Mountain Lion included) to convert your FLV files to MP4 formats with ease.

Note: If you are using Windows OS and want to convert flv to mp4 format, you can refer to Video Converter for Windows here.

download mac version download windows version

Step 1: Add flv Videos to the Program

Click "Add Video" button to load .FLV format files you want.

load video files

Step 2: Choose Output Video Format

Select each file and choose the output format like MP4 in "Profile".
Select video and audio quality that you need.
Set an output folder by "Output" for the destination files.

Step 3: Video Effect Settings

Click “Edit” button to crop, trim, adjust and watermark video to satisfy your needs.

Step 3: Edit Output Videos As Need

Step 4: Convert .FLV to .MP4 for Mac

When you have got ready for the settings for the added videos in the video converter program, you can click "Convert" button to start to convert FLV to MP4 for Mac. Just for a while, the conversion will be finished and you can enjoy it freely.

Extended Knowledge: What is a .flv file?

Flash Video (FLV, F4V) is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player versions 6-10. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. There are two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV and F4V. The audio and video data within FLV files are encoded in the same way as they are within SWF files. The latter F4V file format is based on the ISO base media file format and is supported starting with Flash Player 9 update 3. Both formats are supported in Adobe Flash Player and currently developed by Adobe Systems. FLV was originally developed by Macromedia.

Here is the detailed video guide

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