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Convert MPEG to MOV for Mac

How to Convert MPEG to MOV for Mac/Windows OS

Q: "I just got a Mac and I want to edit some old video files into a new video. The problem is all of my old files are MPEG or WWM, which cannot be edited on iMovie or Final Cut. How do I convert .MPEG to .MOV on Mac, or something else that a Mac would recognize? if there are any mpeg to mov converter for mac help to do that? "---- Question from Abelard Booker

Well, This guide will take you through the steps on how to convert mpg to mov with Video Converter for Mac — the best mpeg/mpg to mov converter for mac. With advanced codec technology and friendly using style, this AVI to MOV Converter is more than satisfactory to provide excellent outputs when you convert mpeg to mov MOV in a short time. What’s more, it allows you to edit your MPEG/MPG videos before converting it to MOV format.

Note: If you are using Windows OS and want to convert MPEG to MOV format, you can refer to Video Converter for Windows here. Download the Video Converter and follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to convert MPEG to MOV below.

download mac version download windows version

Step 1: Load MPEG/MPG video to programe

Click "Add" button on the program main interface to load mpeg files you want.

load video files

Step 2: Select Output Profile

Click on the file format of the original video on the video processing list, and then it will switch to the following output file format choosing panel. Select a target format for the output according to your requirement. Or you can take advantage of the "Profile Search Function" and get access to the target format quickly

Step 3: Video Effect Settings

Go to the video edit panel to add some individualized features to the output. You can also use the "Trim" function to clip videos size, "Crop" function to customize the frame size (16:9, 4:3 etc) and cut off black margins, split them into several segments, "Rotate", "Watermark" etc. If you want to convert several video files to AVI & MP4 formats at one time, just check "Apply to All " at the bottom.

Step 3: Edit Output Videos As Need

Step 4: Convert mpeg to mov for Mac

When you have got ready for the settings for the added videos in the video converter program, you can click "Convert" button to start to convert .mpeg to mov on Mac OS. Just for a while, the conversion will be finished and you can enjoy it freely.

Extended Knowledge: What is a MPEG file?


MPEG(Motion Picture Experts Group) is a committee of the International Standards Organization. The Group has developed a format for compressing digitized audio and video files. MPEG is said to achieve a compression ratio of up to 200:1 without losing image quality..


Here is the detailed video guide

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