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Import MTS to Final Cut Pro

How to Import MTS to Final Cut for Editing on Mac OS?

An MTS file extension is an acronym for MPEG Transport Stream video format, but it is also called AVCHD which is most commonly used in Panasonic and Sony camcorders. Using a Final Cut Pro on Mac you can import most of the MTS to Final Cut Pro. However, you may have come up with the MTS/M2TS grey out when import them into Final Cut Pro for editing. Then you you need to convert them to FCP friendly formats such as MOV format.

To import MTS to Final Cut Pro, you need a professional app. the professional MTS to FCP Converter for Mac is strongly recommended. To get this conversion done you need to download the program in your computer with the following links and install it on your computer. After having done this you need to follow a few easy steps to convert MTS to Final Cut on Mac.

Note: If you are using a Windows OS, please refer to Total Converter for Windows.

download mac version download windows version

Step 1. Add MTS videos to the converter

First you need to import the MTS file that you want to convert to your program. You do this by opening the “File” Menu and choosing the “Add Video” option. You then browse your computer for your file and click “Open”. You also have the option of selecting multiple video files and then clicking on “Merge into One File” and then you have on long video made up of all your selected video files.

add video

Step 2. Select the output formats MOV

Next you have to choose the output format of your video. You have an easy-to-use menu which lists all the options of video formats that you can choose from. Simply select the one you need and the program will convert it to MOV format.

Step 3. Edit the video effect (Optional)

Additionally you can manipulate your video. You can add or remove certain aspects. For example: You can crop certain parts of the video file if for example you are merging two files and the transition is too long; You can rotate or turn your video upside down or in a mirror; You can change colors and effects and you can even make the video black and white.

video editing

Step 4. Start to convert MTS to Final Cut Pro MOV

The last step in this conversion is to start the actual converting process. After editing your video any way you please and after choosing your effects and especially your output format you can now convert MTS to Final Cut Pro. Click the “Convert” button and the rest will be done automatically. Depending on the length or size of the video or video selected some time will be required for the conversion process to finish.

In conclusion, if you are converting MTS to Final Cut Pro, then by following the steps mentioned above this should not be a problem. Any Mac user can enjoy the features of Final Cut Pro software and be able to convert his or her MTS files to any format they choose. With a little research and a little patience you can do that too.

Here is the video guide:

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