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Lock USB drive

How to Lock USB Drive with Password on Windows?

USB drives are now the most commonly used medium to transfer data between computers. USB Flash drive, Thumb Drives and Pen Drives are the common names used for these drives. The answer to why these drives have become the most popular and common medium to transfer data is simple, USB drives, USB Flash drives, Thumb Drive and Pen drives are cheap in price, very small in size and at the same time allows you to carry gigabytes of data with you. There are lots of companies who are producing these drives in different shapes and sizes. Your USB drive is an easy way to move data between computers but flash USB security is something most of us ignore. Often to our peril when the little blighters go missing or, even worse, get stolen.

The biggest problem I've found with USB drives is actually their biggest benefit: their portability. They're a bit like car keys in that they're easy to put down somewhere "safe" and then forget where you've put them. But unlike car keys, which you need to find, the thing that makes locking USB drive difficult for people like me is that there's always another one I can use. I can look for the missing flash drive later. But, of course, I won't. I'll just forget I've lost one pen drive, even if it's got files on it.

Here I ma going to show how to lock USB drive data with password with USB locking software.

download windows version

Step 1. Insert USB drive to computer

Insert the USB drive need to lock to the computer, and select the flash drive from the USB drive list

Step 2. set the size of secure area

Drug the slide bar of the USB drive data to set the size of the secure area will be created. Then click the "install" button to start to create secure area for the USB drive.

Step 3. Enter password to finish encryption

Set the username and password of the secure area and click OK button to finish locking USB drive data. however it always suggests to backup your files on USB stick to hard disk Before creating secure area firstly.

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