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Password Protect Pen Drive

How to Protect Pen Drive with Password on Windows 7/8/XP?

Have you ever thought of having password security on all your important documents? Have you ever thought of password protecting pen drive? People would never think that you could password protect a simple pen drive since it just stores you files and pictures but there is really limited information about it.

Transferring data from one computer to another has always been in need since the time we all started using computers. Whether is taking assignments for college, universities or be it an office project that you have been working on at home. There was a time when the only medium available was floppy disks and it was supposed to be a blessing for all of us. Though it was a trouble carrying data in those diskettes due to their unreliability, disks not getting read at a different location and above all, the size of data that you could carry was just a mere 1.44 MB.

Here we are going to show you how to password protect pen drive data with the best pen drive encryption software. Download the software with the link below and install the program it to your PC.

download windows version

Step 1. Insert pen drive to computer

Insert the pen drive need to protect to the computer, and select the pen drive from the pen drive list

Step 2. set the size of secure area

Drug the slide bar of the pen drive data to set the size of the secure area will be created. Then click the "install" button to start to create secure area for the pen drive.

Step 3. Enter password to finish encryption

Set the username and password of the secure area and click OK button to finish the operation. however it always suggests to backup your files on pen stick to hard disk Before creating secure area firstly.


Most of us are not concerned about securing data on pen drive until we experience a similar incident. I got to know about this threat when I almost got fired from my job just because I lost my pen drive containing around 35 GBs of official data. At first it wasn't a big deal since I have a habit of keeping everything backed up on my PC but then couldn't neglect the risk of my drive getting into wrong hands. That was the last day when I kept my data unsecured on a portable drive.

We hear thousands of similar stories daily on internet from our friends, colleagues but never give an ear to them just because we think we are too smart to lose this little thing. Mishaps can happen anytime with anyone, why take the unnecessary risk?

I recommend using Pen Drive Security software to keep your data protected on your pen drives just in case you encounter a similar incident. These software are usually very small and light weighed applications that password protects Pen drive and all your files and folders stored on it. There are some very easy and user-friendly applications to password USB drive that gets installed directly on these USB drives, Flash Drives, Thumbs Drives, Pen drives, SD cards and even external drives of sizes as huge as 1 Terabyte and then you can plug-in these drives on any computer and protect/unprotect your data without requiring any additional installation. Keep in mind, your pen drive might be cheap but the data you are carrying is priceless!

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