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Password protect USB Drive

How to Password Protect USB Drive Data on Windows 7/8/xp?

There is no doubt that USB drives are the best choice to store and transfer data from one computer to another, such as financial documents, music files, family videos, photos and other important documents, USB drive will be the best tool.

However, perhaps data security is the most ignored fact when it comes to safety of private data, sensitive data stored on portable USB drives can be easily be accessed by criminals if you end up losing it. Therefore, it is imperative that you protect it using third party software to password protect USB drive data. Anyone trying to access your data on your lost portable drive cannot access it without the correct password.

Here we are going to show you how to password protect usb drive data with the best USB encryption software. Download the software with the link below and install the program it to your PC.

download windows version

Step 1. Insert USB drive to computer

Insert the USB drive need to protect to the computer, and select the flash drive from the USB drive list

Step 2. set the size of secure area

Drug the slide bar of the USB drive data to set the size of the secure area will be created. Then click the "install" button to start to create secure area for the USB drive.

Step 3. Enter password to finish encryption

Set the username and password of the secure area and click OK button to finish the operation. however it always suggests to backup your files on USB stick to hard disk Before creating secure area firstly.


In addition to the advantages brought by the USB drives, the security loopholes of it should be taken into serious consideration, with many advantages and ease of using USB flash drives, they pose a huge security risk that if a USB drive containing sensitive information gets lost or stolen, anyone can access and make use of that confidential and important data that you have saved in it.

With the professional USB encryption software, the USB can be password protected firmly, and some this kind of software may have the function that can configure access permissions to different users, so that different people will have different right to read, write the data locked in the USB.

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