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USB Copy Protection

USB Copy Protection

  • Protect shared folders/files from “copy”, “save as” and “print”
  • Assign different permission to different user group.
  • Protect files of all popular formats including MS office files, PDF, video, image, audio, SWF, EXE application etc.

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  • Key Features

Why Choose USB Copy Protection ?

USB Copy Protection is a excellent tool for copy protecting data on USB drive, Flash drive, USB disk, Pen drive, thumb drive and all kinds usb storage devices. It’s a great solution for protecting publishing, privacy documents and all important documents on USB drive.

Supports encrypting a variety of file formats, including EXE application, CAD files, PPT, and video files.

Copy protect shared files with password

Protect all files in shared folder from copy with password. Ensure security of shared files on local network or Lan. It supports almost all popular file formats, including PDF, Flash, Video, Audio, Picture, Excel, Word, PPT and other MS Office Documents, etc

Keep full control of shared files

Only administrators have permission to access the shared folder password, to prevent print, screen capture, illegal copying, reproduction and distribution. Tracking information applications shared folder copy protection to protect and assist the organization to meet the management and audit requirements.

Easy to use

The program has a user-friendly graphical interface. You should not need any professional knowledge, even if you are a novice computer user, you can easily handle it.


Fully compatible with all variants of the Windows operating systems, including Vista,, Windows 8, Windows 7 is the XP, Server2003 in, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and is also compatible with all file systems such as FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

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