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Edit .VOB Files with VOB Editor

How to Edit .VOB Video Files with VOB Editor?

Q: "How can I edit vob files ripped from my favorite DVDs? Now a lot of people told me that vob file is just another mpeg format. well just telling me that don't help me. please give me link to a full guide or just tell me in detail how to do it step by step, I'm really confused now" --- Question from Soban

VOB file is used to store data of MPEG2 format, mainly for DVD disc, including its video, audio, subtitles, menus, buttons, etc. It is a little complicated about the structure of a VOB file. So you absolutely need a handy and intuitive VOB editor to make DVDs and save home movies. The following steps are just one example of using Wondershare video editor to edit .VOB files on windows.

Note: If you are using Mac OS and want to edit vov files, you can refer to Video Editor for MAC here.

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Step 1: Load vob video to program

Select the vob videos need to edit from your local hard drive, drag and drop to vob editor to load the vob files to the application. Or load video with the “Import” menu. You can load video files by only one click the resource panel if it’s the first time for you to run the VOB Editor.

Step 2: Edit vob videos

Edit vob files: Drag the video need to edit to the time line for editing. Click the “Edit” button the open the editing panel, you can rotate video; adjust the Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue, video speed and crop off the black side of the video. There are several other Text panel, Effect panel, PIP panel, Transition panel, Intro/Credit panel to satisfy users’ all kind needs for personalizing the videos.

Join VOB files. Drag two or more VOB files to the timeline, then drag transition to the join point between two videos on Video A and Video B areas. That' s all you need to do before save the files.

Crop VOB files: you can crop VOB files just like cut screen on computer.

Step 3: Save and publish

Click “Create” button to export the edited video to any video format for all kinds use and all portable devices and media players. Or share the edited video Youtube with friends with the Youbube tab. Here users can change Bit Rate, Encoder, Resolution of the video to personalize the video as need.

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