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Edit MOD Files with MOD Editor

How to Edit .MOD Files with MOD Editor?

Q: "I am using a JVC everio camera and it outputs .mod files. However I want to edit mod videos in final cut express or any editing software for that matter. I guess I need to convert them but all of the converters are absolutely terrible does anyone have any good video editor for me to trim and add some effect to my home videos from my jvc camcorder?" -- Question from Blundy Y.

If you want to edit .MOD video files on your hard disk, Wondershare Video Editor are recommended to help you customize your own MOD videos. Wondershare Video Editor is a quite powerful video editing software. It helps you create Hollywood-like home videos with little prior computer video experience. With the professional MOD Editor, you can easily edit mod files you want.

Note: If you are using Mac OS and want to edit mod files, you can refer to Video Editor for MAC here. Just download the MOD Editor below and follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to edit mod videos.

download download mac

Step 1: Import MOD files to the MOD Video Editor

You can click "Import" and browse from your hard drive to select the MOD videos you want to edit or drag and drop MOD files to the resource pane directly to load them. For saving time, you can import videos in batch. Then drag videos to the video track to add videos for editing.

Step 2: Edit MOD files

With MOD Editor, you can edit MOD videos with video clip, video crop, video effect etc
Clip: Drag the video file to either Video A or Video B in the timeline, hit the video, click "Scissors" button to trim the video to whatever length you want.

Crop: Hit the video in the timeline, and then click Settings on the top of the panel to pop up an interface where you can crop you video files, you can crop off your video in the directions of left, right, top, bottom, and also, you want rotate the video in the same four directions

Effect: On Settings tab, you can tweak you video brightness, contrast, saturation and hue from Video sub-tab, add special effect to your video from Effect sub-tab (there are more than 50 special effect available from three main categories: Adjust, Distortion, Filter).

Step 3: Share edited MOD files

After finish editing, hit "Create" to save MOD files. Here you can change video and audio parameters such as Bit Rate, Encoder, Resolution and so on. When finish settings, click Next to save the video. and then you can share you videos in any way.

Extended Knowledge: What is a .mod files?

The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder models (I.E JVC Everio) to save their videos. These files are often accompanied by small .MOI files (See links below) which contain the videos' time-stamp information.

The .MOD format is simply a MPEG2 formatted video, and if you simply wish to view the files on your computer, it is reportedly safe to rename the extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi

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